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About Carmakoma

Carmakoma is a feminine plus size brand with attitude, modernism and functionalism. Carmakoma is luxury with an artistic angle to contemporary classics. Carmakoma create designs with clean lines and bold details, - an exclusive mix of rock-chick-glam with a feminine sweetness and sexy cuts.

Carmakoma is an international success and is followed by curvy women worldwide. Carmakoma is particularly associated with the American and British audiences who show dedication to the unique Carmakoma Universe which never stagnates when it comes to plus size fashion.

Carmakoma - plus size designer clothing

Scandinavian Plus Size Pioneer

While plus size brands often can be limiting as for fashion and norms,  Heidie Lykke, the Creative Director of Carmakoma, are doing the opposite. Lykke believe in diversity in fashion, and from the day Carmakoma became a reality in 2008, the brands stood for innovative designs, inspired by the fashion worlds famous runways. Always designed and created for curvy women - without prejudice, rules or other limitations.

Lykke believe,  that all women, regardless of size, with a need for fashion and luxurious design, should have the opportunity to dress in designs which are delicious, flattering and with a superior fit. With the Carmakoma brand, Heidie Lykke was a Plus Size Pioneer.

She created a brand that was new in the fashion industry and when Carmakoma chose to exclusively sell from an online universe, they were among the first in the world. "I wish to encourage women to choose the kind of life they really want to live, and not be dictated by a size label in the neck", - Creative Director, Heidie Lykke.

Strong Online Profile

Carmakoma is a pioneer when it comes to plus size fashion with an online universe and online shopping. Carmakoma plus size designs are available worldwide so any "curvy fashion addict"  always can buy designer clothes.

It is also in the Carmakoma online universe that Heidie Lykke communicate directly with the women who wears her designs.

"My team and I, have a direct contact and interaction with curved fashionistas from all over the world. It's really valuable to know that we make a difference and we have a part in changing the fashion world - not just with trends, but I see curvy women suddenly want to dress with attitude in my styles"- Heidie Lykke