The Values

Carmakoma is driven by unprejudiced joy of fashion. The Danish brand designs clothes providing curvy women with an appetite to taste new experiences and an urge to show off their beautiful bodies. Fashion is a passion shared among women in all shapes and sizes. To dress in style is about bringing out your individual personality and feeling good while doing it. Designer wear should not produce fashion victims, but help any woman to independently express all aspects of her identity and mood.

The Vision

Carmakoma aims for the stars. Curvy women are just as fashion starving and conscious about style as any other woman. Carmakoma's success in Denmark and internationally confirm the company's goal not to rest on its laurels as the preferred plus size fashion brand in Denmark. Through continuous focus on carmakoma’s recognizable signature and a development of both the collections and the unique, online universe, carmakoma aims to be the favourite brand of curvy women worldwide.

Carmakoma women

Carmakoma women are strong, independent individuals denying to be subject to the opinions of others. They are not afraid of experimenting with their personal form of expression, but are open to change and always heading towards new experiences - determined to control their own destiny. Filled with soft charm and raw, sexy energy carmakoma women have more than one aspect to their personality and carefree let all sides show at the same time. That is why carmakoma focuses on a fine balance between fresh contrasts and combinations often resulting in exciting, new ways of expressing femininity.

The collection

The single collections vary in theme and inspiration, but all share carmakoma's special signature: The original mix of rock'chick coolness and feminine sweetness with a sexy twist - always developed in luxury qualities intended to enhance an aware feeling of sophisticated elegance. Every item receives special attention which shows in the strong, decorative details and surprising effects or contrasting combinations.
All carmakoma designs are produced to be styled according to temper. The clothes offer rich opportunities to explore countless ways of adapting the clothes to any special occasion and the unique style of the carmakoma woman. Whether she is on her way to an important office meeting, a night on the dance floor, a cozy Sunday brunch with her girl friends or a romantic dinner with her sweetheart.

The fit

Clothes should fit the body - not the other way around. carmakoma does absolutely not compromise with a phenomenal fit. All carmakoma clothes are specially cut with slimming effects so the clothes falls in a perfect silhouette around the fantastic shape of the curvy body. Every single piece is especially designed to accentuate all the benefits of having curves.

Weiss & Lykke

Carmakoma is made up of the young, Danish design duo Weiss&Lykke. The duo formed back in 1997 at the esteemed Danish design school Teko in Herning as the result of a close friendship and a shared passion for style and fashion. Backed with years of experience from successful, Danish fashion companies like Designers Remix, O by Isabell Kristensen, Junk de Luxe and mbyM dreams were realized when Weiss&Lykke in summer 2008 launched carmakoma as their heart child. Since then, curvy women from the whole world have shown their gratitude by flocking to the webshop to get hands on the strong, Danish brand.

Carmakoma is primarily sold at, but can be purchased from showrooms either at the main office in Vejle or at the design office in Copenhagen, where customers can indulge themselves by trying on all the different styles and feel the exquisite quality. Carmakoma is also present at trade exhibitions or via special VIP-nights in Denmark. The attitude is that close contact and feedback from customers bring life and new inspiration. Customers are invited to take an active part on carmakoma's blog and get closer to life behind the webshop or follow carmakoma on Twitter or Facebookfor news and information.
The unique universe at is more than just a webshop. Carmakoma has created an extensive fashion portal with lots of styling tips making it easy to bring out your own personal expression. A guide will help you determine the right size, and the site offers lots of competitions, facts and "behind the scenes"-footage, that gets up close and personal with the team behind the Danish designer brand.

Carmakoma designs in stores

Close relations and feedback from our customers gives us life and new inspiration and is no longer the only option for buying Carmakoma designs. Our customers can buy Carmakoma from stores in serveral countries. In Denmark, Greenland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland and Poland the customers have the opportonity to spoil themselves by trying all our different styles and feel the supreme quality. If you want information about retailers near you, then write a mail to Here Carmakoma's customers will get a perfect opportunity to try the different styles and feel the unique quality that charecterizes every single design.



2011 Carmakoma is launched in stores in the Netherlands and Iceland
2011 Carmakoma debuts at Copenhagen Fashion Week
2010 Carmakoma is launched in Danish, Polish & Swedish stores
2009 Carmakoma is launched in French stores
2008 Carmakoma & is launched


2011 Choosen with 5 entries at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair Trendshow styled by Vilsbøl De Arce
2011 TV interview in Go’ aften Danmark - Carmakoma & the target, curvy women
2011 TV interview in TV2 Lorry - debut on Copenhagen Fashion Week
2011 Article in Vogue Italia - - The Danish Plus Size Brand Releases a New Collection that Brings Sultriness for Curves. Read the article in Vogue
2011 Article in Marie Claire, US –


High Profile Fashion show in Gala Mody I Sztuki, Polen
2010 Represented at fashionshow in Hollywood - compère Whitney Thomsen dressed in Carmakoma design
2010 TV interview in TV2 Lorry - Carmakomas participation in the fashionshow in Hollywood
2010 Article in Vogue Italia - - Carmakoma Rocks the plus size Fashion


Carmakoma is selected for the EU project Fashion accelerator
2009 Carmakoma nominated for entrepreneurship Prize 2009
2009 TV interview in DR Aften showet - Carmakomas models
2009 TV interview in TV2 Go’ morgen Danmark - Carmakomas model competition
2009 Carmakoma modelkonkurrence i samarbejde med BT


TV interview in DR Aften Showet - Launch of Carmakoma
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